Risks of heavy metals in the body and what can we do to stay healthy

Can heavy metals in your body impact your health? Just think how great it would be for you to get up in the morning and have lots of energy all day. Imagine that you do not lack attention and concentration in your workplace. You would be in a much better mood with a smile on your face for most of the day. How to achieve that? Simply you just need to regularly clean the body from toxins and heavy metals.

Every day we come into contact with heavy metals because they are present everywhere around us. They are present in drinking water, food and air. Also, metals are hiding in household cleaning products as well as personal hygiene products, aluminum cans and foils, batteries, bulbs, metal dishes, etc. We also find them in certain types of paints, medicines, and tobacco.

level of heavy metals in body can harm you

Heavy metals are divided into two main categories; one that are necessary for the normal functioning of metabolism like copper, zinc, manganese and iron and others that are toxic like lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, tin, cobalt, palladium, and platinum. Problems occur whenever an excessive amount of heavy metals are stored in the body. Then they become a major threat to our health.

Heavy metals cause damage to the nervous or endocrine system, as well as to the digestive tract. Poisoning with heavy metals can cause depression, sudden mood swings, chronic fatigue, anorexia, sensory and motor disorders (such as problems with vision, hearing, and speech), and epileptic seizures. If we don’t treat these conditions in a timely manner, numerous physical, muscular and degenerative changes will occur which eventually can causes diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

When heavy metals enter your body, these accumulate in organs, tissues and bones. Your body can not eliminate heavy metals without additional help from substances called chelates. Chelates are agents that bind heavy metals to themselves and can extract them from the body.

That is why most of the doctors, nutritionists and physiotherapists recommend regular detoxification treatments.

Regular detoxification treatments with activated carbon, coriander, zeolite and green clay can be extremely beneficial. Active carbon and zeolite are powerful chelates that bind toxins and heavy metals to themselves, but not to the nutrients, and then eliminate from the body, taking away the harmful substances. If used regularly, zeolite effectively removes mercury, arsenic and lead from the body. Coriander is another natural detoxifier and it is best to use it fresh in soup or salads.  Also we should eat good amount of green leafy vegetables as these contain chlorophyll, one of the most important chelates in nature. Turmeric, chia seeds and aloe vera also have good detox properties. Turmeric is particularly effective when it comes to eliminating aluminum from the body.

In the process of eliminating heavy metals from the body, it is important to keep the level of fat in the blood lower than usual. Additional fat from the food we eat can slow down or even stop the process of extracting heavy metals from the body. You do not have to completely cast away the fat from your diet, but should only reduce the intake.

For proper detoxification from heavy metals, the hydration of the body is vital. The water actually helps to extract these from the cells and tissues, so start the day with a glass or two of water in the morning and then stay hydrated during the day by taking water regularly.

There are affordable lab test options to check the level of metals in your body. Bring the result to your doctor for conulstation.