Vitamin B1 (Whole Blood)


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Quest Diagnostics Test Code: 5042

Vitamin B1 is required for branched-chain amino acid and carbohydrate metabolism. Vitamin B1 deficiency is most often due to alcoholism or chronic illness. In the early stage, patients with vitamin B1 deficiency exhibit anorexia, irritability, apathy, and generalized weakness. Prolonged deficiency causes beriberi.

The B Vitamins are a group of water-soluble vitamins which all have an important and unique function in the functioning of the human body. Vitamin B1, more commonly known as Thiamine is a type of coenzyme that is important in the production of energy, but is also important in the breakdown of glucose, amino acids and alcohol. Vitamin B1 has an important role in the maintenance of healthy neural tissue. It is mostly found in whole grains like barley, as well as nuts and legumes. It is typically unlikely to have a vitamin B1 deficiency unless there is a history of chronic alcoholism. Alcohol depletes the levels of Vitamin A which can lead to dysfunction in neural tissue, the heart and muscles.

This test is performed in following conditions such as:

• Chronic alcoholism
• Crohn’s or celiac disease
• Patients on kidney dialysis
• Loss of mental alertness
• Peripheral neuropathy
• Fatigue
• Irritability
• Depression

Also Known As: Thiamine, Thiamin


This test requires overnight fasting.


Specimen Collected
  • Blood
Estimated Time Taken

Turnaround time for the Vitamin B1 test is typically 2-3 business days.