Protein, Total


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Quest Diagnostics Test Code: 754

Total protein lab test is useful in evaluating patients for nutritional status, liver disease, protein-losing renal and gastrointestinal diseases, and many other medical conditions. Elevated concentrations may be observed in patients with monoclonal gammopathies, autoimmune hepatitis, inflammation, and other medical conditions.

Protein is one of the large molecules that make up many of the compounds and products in the body. Most proteins that circulate in the blood are made by the liver. A total protein test measures the amount of all proteins, including globulins and albumin, present in the blood. This test is performed as part of routine medical blood tests, but it can also measure things like kidney disease, nutritional status of the patient and liver function.

This protein lab test is performed in following conditions such as:

• Protein on urine dipstick
• Part of a pregnancy workup
• Urinary tract infection
• Evaluation of kidney function
• Urinary symptoms like frequency, burning, urgency
• Nutritional deficiency
• Unexplained weight loss
• Edema


The Protein, Total test has no fasting requirements.


Specimen Collected
  • Blood
Estimated Time Taken

Turnaround time for the Protein, Total test is typically 1 business day.