Protein, Total, 24-Hour Urine


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Quest Diagnostics Test Code: 757

Protein is one of the molecules that make up many of the compounds and products in the body. Proteins are usually not filtered in the urine, but when there is an increased amount of protein in the urine, it can be related to infections, kidney disease, stress and many other causes. A total 24 hour urine protein test measures the 24-hour urine output protein levels, which gives a better and more detailed information regarding the protein filtration capability of the kidneys.

This urine protein test is performed in following conditions such as:

• Protein on urine dipstick
• Part of a pregnancy workup
• Urinary tract infection
• Evaluation kidney function
• Urinary symptoms like frequency, burning, urgency


The Protein, Total, 24-hour Urine test requires customers void urine at 8am and discard the specimen. Then collect all urine in 24-hour period, ending with final collection at 8am the next morning.


Specimen Collected
  • Urine
Estimated Time Taken

Turnaround time for the Protein, Total 24-hour Urine test is typically 1 business day.