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Quest Diagnostics Test Code: 8625

Giardia is a protozoan that can cause diarrhea. Infection occurs after ingestion of contaminated food or water.

Giardia Lamblia is a type of parasite organism which is common. It is spread through oral contact with soil, food or water which has been infected with animal or human fecal matter. A Giardia test is where a stool sample is checked for the presence of Giardia. This test is useful in finding a diagnosis for gastrointestinal disease that does not respond to other treatment, i.e. oral rehydration solution or antibiotics for bacterial infections.

This test is performed in following conditions such as:

• Diarrhea
• Gas
• Greasy stool
• Stomach cramps
• Nausea
• Dehydration

Also Known As: Giardiasis, Giardia Lamblia Direct Detection EIA


Fecal specimens for parasitic examination should be collected before initiation of antidiarrheal therapy or antiparasitic therapy. People ordering the Giardia Lamblia Test should go to the lab to obtain a proper specimen container prior to collection and review proper collection technique to avoid specimen rejection.


Specimen Collected
  • Stool
Estimated Time Taken

The Giardia Stool Test typically sees results in 1-2 business days.