Fluoride, Urine Test


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Quest Diagnostics Test Code: 37402

This urine test is used to measure environmental or occupational exposure to fluoride.

Fluoride is a compound that naturally occurs in the environment. Small amounts of fluoride is added to drinking water in order to kill insects and other parasites, as well as in toothpaste. Only a small amount of this trace mineral is required in the body for the formation of healthy teeth and bones. However, increased occupational or environmental exposure can lead to fluoride toxicity. Increased exposure to fluoride can lead to damage to many organs in the body, including the kidneys, brain and thyroid. This urine test measures the amount of fluoride in the urine, which is a more accurate test to determine chronic, long-term fluoride exposure.

This urine test is performed in following conditions such as:

• Abdominal pain
• Abnormal taste in the mouth
• Convulsions
• Diarrhea
• Drooling
• Heart attack
• Irregular or slow heartbeat
• Nausea and vomiting
• Shallow breathing
• Weakness

Also Known As: F, Sodium Fluoride


Customers getting tested due to occupational exposure should have their specimen collected either before the start of their shift or as soon as possible after their shift.


Specimen Collected
  • Urine
Estimated Time Taken

Turnaround time for the Fluoride Urine Test is typically 3-5 business days.