COVID-19 Disinfection Wand: Acuva Solarix

Labwork365 is proud to partner with Acuva Technologies to introduce Solarix, the Acuva Solarix UV-LED Portable Disinfection Device in the United States.

Designed in Canada, the SOLARIX was built as the future of disinfection, utilizing three powerful LEDs to transmit UV-C energy that can disinfect 99.9% of all harmful bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and Human Coronavirus 229E.

  • [FAST STERILIZATION] 99.9% – The SOLARIX device kills 99.9% of  COVID-19, in just 10 seconds – validated by InterTek and CUBRC INC, Buffalo, New York – A Biosafety Level 3 laboratory facilities certified by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  View Certification Report
  • [SAFETY & ASSURANCE] Visible illuminated mapping of disinfection area for safety & assurance. You exactly know which area is being disinfected with the help of visible Blue Light mapping.
  • [PORTABLE & FOLDABLE] The device can be unfolded to 270 degree angle to disinfect contoured and hard to reach surfaces. It is foldable and can be carried anywhere in pocket or handbag.
  • [USE IT ANYWHERE] Use it to sterilize anytime anywhere, such as at home for groceries, mobile phone, keys, sofas, beds, towels, carpets, computer toys, baby items, office desk, hotel , Bathroom, shop counter, etc.

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  • Unfold beyond 180 degree and unlock with sliding child lock.
  • Place 5 cm above the surface you would like to disinfect.
  • Double-click to sterilize and clean the surface back and forth 5 times.
  • Switch off and fold the after disinfection and lock the device with sliding child lock.



  • Sensor to avoid accidental UV exposure to user.
  • The Device operates only when it is opened beyond 180 degree angle.
  • The other safety features are Child Lock switch, double click switch ON and a 3 minutes timer to avoid over exposure of UV.