COVID 19- Myths and Precautions

COVID19 is a disease caused by the “novel coronavirus” and the common symptoms of this disease are fever, dry cough, difficulty in breathing and some might also notice diarrhoea, aches pain or nasal congestion. COVID19 mainly spreads by infected droplets resulting from coughing and sneezing of a COVID19 infected person and can happen by direct close contact as well as indirect contact. 

Here are some common myths regarding COVID 19 that might lead you or some people to behave in ways that could cause panic and cause danger to their health. 

  • Covid19 only affects the old

The most common myth that people have regarding this looming virus is that only old people are affected by COVID19, although older people are at greater risk for complications, the younger people aren’t entirely safe. A fair number of people below the age of 60 are critically affected by COVID19, these are the patients who have unmanaged diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease.

  • A Face mask will protect you from COVID19

Masks are an option only if you’re a health care worker that has to take care of infected patients or if you’re someone who’s suffering from respiratory illness. For the general public wearing lightweight mask is not recommended as they may further allow infection to grow by letting the infected drops get inside their nose and mouth.

  • Non-veg food causes COVID19

Scientifically, there is no such evidence that Covid19 can spread through consumption of meat, chicken or fish. You can enjoy your favourite food; however, it is highly advised to maintain proper hygiene.

  • Ordering or buying products shipped from abroad will infect a person.

Scientists have noted that viruses like this do not stay long on surfaces, so it is unlikely for you to get COVID19 from parcels that were in transit for days or weeks. However, more research has been going on to learn more and new information is emerging daily.

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Above mentioned were some common myths on COVID 19, however here’s a fact regarding it: Misinformation can be as dangerous as the Virus.

Make sure you check the references and make assumptions based on that. Consume information from reputable and credible online resources and think whether your information is based on facts or myths. 

Take precautions and protect your health

The first and foremost precautionary step would be to get yourself checked in case you have some symptoms such as cough, fever and difficulty in breathing. You can go to our website and order a check-up without stepping out of your home. 

  • Wash your hands as frequently as possible.

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap or thoroughly clean your hands with alcohol based sanitizer to kill any viruses that may be on your hands. 

  • Maintain Social Distancing

During this time it is best advised to stay at home and get out of your house only if the work is unavoidable. Now, with Labwork365 you don’t need to worry about stepping out of your houses and making unnecessary contacts for a check-up. You can order your tests online. Check out how this minimum contact approach towards check-ups work on

  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth and keep things clean

Practice good hygiene, cover your nose and mouth with your hand or a tissue while sneezing or coughing and ask people around you to do so. Once, your hands are contaminated by touching various surfaces and wash them before touching your eyes, nose and mouth to prevent infection. 

  • Follow advice given by healthcare provider

After getting your tests done, you’ll get a free consultation call from one of our empanelled doctors. We advise you to seek medical care immediately and follow the instructions and advice given by our expert doctor. Contact us on Most Popular Tests to book your check up with ease.

Take care of your health and the people around you by following the precautions mentioned above.