Blood Testing

Blood testing is vital for many different areas of your health. Whether you’re looking to get specific answers on how a disease or ailment is progressing or are just looking for a better understanding of your overall health, blood tests provide data to help inform the correct health decisions.

Many people would benefit from a blood test, but don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of scheduling a doctor’s appointment and/or don’t have insurance to cover the cost of seeing a physician.

Luckily, our service offers easy and affordable blood testing nationwide at over two thousand lab locations, several located in the East Bay Area, without the need for a doctor’s appointment.

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  • What do blood tests check for?

Blood tests are so popular because of their ability to check for the vast majority of conditions which can be affecting a person’s body. Periodic check-ups are usually done with blood testing to can help determine the condition of your kidneys, heart, liver, thyroid and other vital organs are working as well as check to help diagnose common diseases like cancer, heart disease. Blood tests can also determine very specific things like if a person has been poisoned, if they have high levels of cholesterol or anything between.

  • How should you prepare for a blood test?

For the majority of blood tests ordered for simple checkups, there is no preparation needed because the intent of the test is to determine the status of your blood as it is during a normal day. For other tests, a person is instructed to fast for as many as 12 hours prior to the test being administered. Each of our test options will clearly spell out any pre-test instructions.

  • What can affect blood test results?

When your blood is being tested there are variables which can affect the result of the test. When your results come in, one of our doctors will contact you to go over the results. Be sure to tell them about any medications you are taking (prescription or non-prescription) and about any alcohol consumption around the time of testing. These variables can alter levels and should be considered when interpreting the results.

  • Are blood tests always accurate?

The accuracy of blood testing depends on a few important factors. While every lab strives for 100% accuracy, there are occurrences in some scenarios which alter test results. As mentioned previously, sometimes drug or alcohol use is not accounted for and those results can be skewed. Also, if a test requires fasting and the client does not fast then those results will not be correct. On some occasions, lab error does occur as well. If you suspect an inaccuracy in the test results, the doctor who calls you to go over the results can help discuss your options.

  • How long do I have to wait for blood test results?

Blood test results typically come back within two business days of the sample being collected, with some more complex tests taking slightly longer and simpler tests being available faster.

Our goal is to provide simple, easy and affordable blood testing for our clients. To order a test, simply select your desired test from our online test menu, pick the right location for you and then go directly to the testing lab for sample collection. From there, a doctor in our network will call you to discuss the results when the test is complete.