Summers are knocking around the corner and so are the sharp effects. The rising temperature is undoubtedly affecting our health. Blistering heat makes our body more vulnerable and affects us in the form of heat stroke, sunburn, upset stomach, dehydration, etc.

Hence, it is crucial to be cautious during unstable temperatures. Summer includes having fun in many activities like relaxing at home, sun bath, going to beaches, long holidays, picnics and much more, so it is important that you make sure to stay healthy so you don’t miss out on any fun. These following 7 tips will help you enjoy summer 2020 in the most relaxed manner.

7 tips to stay healthy


Maintain a proper diet by eating adequate amount of seasonal vegetables and fruits daily. Consume foods such as fruit bowl, fresh salads, etc. that are light to digest and will nourish your body with necessary nutrients and vitamins. Don’t forget to include protein in your diet and avoid extra oily food. Remember, health diet and regular exercise go hand in hand. Include exercise a part of your daily routine that will help you stay more fit during hot and lazy summer.


Drink lots of water and other drinks such as herbal tea, green tea, coconut water, ice tea, etc. throughout the day before you actually begin to feel thirsty or dehydrated. This will keep your skin hydrated as well as replenish energy levels in hot weather or with while sweating during exercise. As you constantly keep yourself hydrated, you’ll notice less craving of unhealthy sugary beverages.


Adequate amount of nutritional supplements not only protect your body from stress and chemical pollutants but also provide you a greater amount of physical energy. The B-complex vitamins are relaxing to the nervous system and quite helpful to keep you calm and energised during summers. If you notice symptoms of you lacking some essential vitamins or nutrients, don’t wait! Get yourself checked on Most Popular Tests to have a relax-full and calm summer.


We understand everyone wants to have a good time in summer but one should definitely not over-do it when it comes to alcoholic beverages. Don’t mix alcohol and sun as both of them can cause dehydration, perspiring and more urination, so it’s recommended to drink alcohol in moderation during hot summer activities.  

There’s no doubt that heavy meals take longer to digest and since it’s summer the hot weather will not allow to bear the load of heavy food. So, it becomes essential to avoid heavy stuff like fast food, junk food, etc. to avoid laziness and the effects of cholesterol that take place due to heavy meals. Focus on having lighter meals that don’t require much time to digest specially at night. 


One of the most essential tips to stay healthy in summer is to never skip on applying sunscreen. It is recommended to apply an SPF 30 or even higher sunscreen even if you’re staying indoors or it’s cloudy outside. Daily application of sunscreen helps in preventing harmful diseases like skin cancer and severe sunburns. It can also lead to severe dehydration if not been careful. 


This summer, it is better to get yourself checked at an early stage and tackle them before letting them brew. We understand how boring and full of hassles check-ups can get especially when you’re planning to have a relax-full summer. Don’t worry! Just go to this link Most Popular Tests and order yourself a check-up while sitting on your comfortable couch. Our check-ups can help find and diagnose health issues early and the complimentary call by our health professionals will help you with better treatment and cure that are accessible for you.

This summer, lets practice health and safety. We hope these above mentioned tips make summer safe and sound for you and your dear ones.