6 Ways to Boost your Immune System to Fight COVID19

The COVID19 pandemic has turned the world’s focus towards the best possible weapon against pathogens- immune system. Working from the cellular it is our body’s personal defence army and each cell works, tissue and organ plays an extremely important role in fighting pathogens and helps protect against internal threatening diseases like cancer.


Immunity develops over a lifetime where vaccination teaches our immune system to beat back various disease and protect ourselves. Individuals who have certain pre-existing illnesses such as diabetes, cardio vascular disease and respiratory disease are at a higher risk of getting COVID19 which also gets riled up with age. If you think you might have symptoms these diseases, order yourself a check-up

There is currently no vaccine for COVID19 and hence for now our immune systems must take charge to fight this potential deadly threat. 

A healthy lifestyle helps one’s immune system to form the best shape to fight with pathogens or to stop them from entering one’s body. Here are 6 ways to improve and boost your immunity.

1.) Improve your diet

Improve diet to boost your immune system in fight against COVID19

The intake of your food plays an important role in determining your overall health. Maintain a low carb diet, it will help slow down diabetes; along with that focus on protein rich diet to keep yourself in a fit shape. Regularly consume fruits and green vegetables rich in vitamins like citrus fruits, garlic, broccoli and spinach that are good options to build toughness in the body against infections. It is helpful to supplement key vitamins and minerals that your body might lack like Vitamin C, Vitamin D and zinc. Get yourself checked timely to know which vitamin your body lacks: Most Popular Tests

Supplements rich in omega fatty acids, herbs, nuts and seeds like flax seed and pumpkin seeds along with probiotics like yoghurt are excellent sources to boost your immunity.

2.) Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly to boost your immune system in fight against COVID19

A good diet must be definitely followed by a good exercise routine. Pick up any exercise you think suits your body stamina the best and follow it regularly; even light exercise will go a long way and do your immunity good. At least work out for 30-45 minutes to get your heart rate up. Exercising daily will improve your metabolism which will further improve your immunity. There are so many online sources to help you exercise at home and it is a good time to start if you have not been thinking about getting active.

3) Stay away from toxins

Toxins can have an adverse effect on our immune system. Try to lessen your exposure to chlorinated drinking water, pesticides, heavy metals, food additives and air pollution. Liver detoxification can be a great help in reducing the weight of toxins on our body. To gain more information about how to improve the health of your liver go to this link: Liver Health Tests and Packages

4.) Don’t miss out on proper sleep

Proper sleep to boost your immune system in fight against COVID19

By not having enough sleep and rest we increase will leave you tired, will hamper your brain activity and other bodily functions which will affect your immunity. Sleeping is vital when it comes to rebuilding your low immune system, we need to let ourselves take rest as much as possible. A good 7-8 hours of sleep is the ideal way to improve immunity.

5.) Reduce Inflammation

Inflammatory foods such as alcohol, sugar and processed meat give rise to other problems in your body like weakening your lung capacity and destroy the cells that help you in fighting the viruses that enter your body and hence tend to keep your immune system busy. Avoiding these inflammatory items can be very helpful in keeping your immune system healthy.

6.) Destress

Destress to boost your immune system in fight against COVID19

When we’re stressed our body produces stress hormones which take a toll on our immune system. One of the most useful way to reduce stress is meditation which will keep your mind and body calm. Along with meditation, try to maintain work-life balance, practice hobbies and take breaks and talk it out to people when necessary. Implement any technique that calms your mind down to keep your immune system healthy.

While the whole world is fighting against COVID19 we can do our bit by keeping ourselves healthy and maintain a decent healthy lifestyle. By taking necessary actions we can protect ourselves and our near ones.